Open champagne bottle safely / The Wine Feed in Raleigh - A State of Sight #99

A champagne cork can fly at 50 miles per hour if it is not controlled properly. This could cause serious eye injury or even blindness. Watch this special episode of A State of Sight with Isaac Porter, MD from The Wine Feed.

Wine adviser Brianna Needle explains the best way to remove a cork from a bottle of sparkling wine. By controlling the cork the entire time, there is no chance for an injury. Be sure to chill the bottle adequately and never shake the bottle.

Dr. Porter: Welcome to A State of Sight, I’m Isaac Porter and this is your update in ophthalmology and eye care. This is a very special episode, I’m happy to be here at the Wine Feed in Raleigh with Brianna Needle, one of their wine advisers and she is going to share with us the safe way to open champagne.
As you know, a champagne cork can come out very fast and with its size, it can hit the eye and cause a serious eye injury. In the worse case scenario, this could rupture the eye and cause a permanent loss of vision.
Thanks again for having us Brianna, could you please explain to us the best way to open champagne for the celebration.
Ms. Needle: Of course. Always ensure that the bottle is adequately chilled before opening. We are going to start by taking off the foil first, make sure your finger is always on the top so it doesn’t come out.
Second step is to undo the cage by loosening the ends first, then take the cage and cork in your hand and turn it to a 45 degree angle. Make sure nobody is on your side so if it does fly out it doesn’t hit anyone.
Then by turning the bottom of the bottle, I like to release a little bit of air at the end and hold it there.
Dr. Porter: As you can see she controlled it the whole time. That was an excellent demonstration. I’ve seen it opened incorrectly at an eye department reception. That time, the champagne cork hit a 25 foot ceiling in a room with a bunch of eye doctors, but fortunately, no one was injured.
You have showed us a very safe way to open sparkling wine.

If you have any questions please post we will be happy to answer them. We hope you celebrate safely and hope to see you again soon on the next episode of A State of Sight.