Multifocal lens implant (IOL), presbyopia, cataract surgery - A State of Sight #3

Lens implants from cataract surgery can give a full range of vision from up close to far away. Isaac Porter, MD explains how our eyes focus and new technology that can reduce the need to wear glasses for distance and near vision. Age related focus dysfunction (presbyopia) affects everyone beginning around age 45 and causes difficulty reading. This may be corrected with reading glasses or bifocals, but now when patients need to have cataract surgery, they have lens options that can reduce this need for reading correction.

New keratoconus treatment - Bowman layer transplantation - A State of Sight #88

The Melles CorneaClinic Rotterdam at the Netherlands Institute for Innovate Ocular Surgery recently published their findings for a potential breakthrough treatment for advanced keratoconus. Watch this episode of A State of Sight with Isaac Porter, MD to learn more about selective Bowman layer transplantation.

With this treatment, patients with keratoconus were able to use contact lenses after surgery and improve their vision. At this stage of keratoconus, the other primary options to restore vision are full thickness (penetrating keratoplasty) and partial thickness (deep anterior lamellar keratoplasty). With this innovative treatment, patients may be able to keep their own cornea longer and delay the need for larger transplants.

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