Cataract surgery, Lowry Porter Ophthalmology, Raleigh, NC - A State of Sight #18

Isaac Porter, MD explains what cataracts are and what can be expected in a consultation evaluating cataracts. Surgical options are covered, including the three primary types of lens implants available. Standard intraocular lenses (IOLs) usually correct vision for distance, multifocal IOLs can give a full range of vision from up close to far away, and toric IOLs can correct astigmatism at the time of cataract surgery.

SMILE laser vision correction replaces LASIK? / ReLEx SMILE - A State of Sight #108

ReLEx SMILE is a modern laser vision correction procedure that has the potential to replace LASIK as the laser eye surgery of choice. The name of the procedure stands for SMall Incision Lenticule Extraction, which is a form of Refractive Lenticule Extraction.

Watch this episode of A State of Sight with Isaac Porter, MD to learn more about this exciting treatment.

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