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Dr. Porter and all the staff were friendly, efficient and explained everything to me well in advance of my LASIK procedure. They were well organized and the price was very reasonable. They weren't the closest option to me, but I would 100% go there again.
Blair R.
Look no further if you want to have a great dr that will take excellent care of your procedure.  The staff and dr here are top notch. I came in for a second opinion and was told lasik is not for me but PRK would work after a bad experience at another clinic. I am very happy with how Dr Porter and his staff treated me.  I am also very pleased with my results for the procedure. He has the most modern up to date equipment and will be straightforward with cost and what will need to be done for you to get the best care possible.
Craig C.
Figuring out eye surgery and the logistics of it—where to get surgery, where to stay, costs involved—and the more stressful questions—what’s the recovery time, how much will it hurt, etc—was becoming a bit of a headache.
I can happily and gratefully say that came to an end once I contacted Porter Ophthalmology. Every aspect of my experience—from my initial email full of questions (pricing information, scheduling, timelines, etc),  scheduling, through the examination process, to the surgery itself—was smooth, easy, and painless. All of the personnel were super friendly, calming, and informative. Everything was well-communicated and efficiently handled. And, Dr Porter recommended a better surgery than I was planning for, which made the experience (and the recovery!) even better. It was honestly one of the least stressful processes I’ve dealt with in quite a while.
In short, this is the place to go if you want the process to be a great one every step of the way--
If you seek a caring team and professional staff, I 10/10 recommend coming here. A little over one week post op LASIK and I could not be more pleased. Dr. Porter and his team allow ample opportunities for questions and are very thorough in pre op. Also highly satisfied with the way post op visits were set up for me ahead of time. Although I did not shop around for other prices, I believe the price here was very fair for excellent quality and what they provide. They are 100% transparent about prices and what to expect. So thankful!
Haley G.
Truly exceptional. Prior to choosing an Ophthalmologist for Lasik I shopped around and chose Porter Ophthalmology due to their ethic of care. Their practice is smaller and as a result, I didn't feel like I was just another widget in a Lasik factory. I was so nervous prior to my surgery but it went wonderfully. No pain or issues at any point, quick recovery, and 20/15 vision almost immediately.
Now two months later my vision is wonderful - as a lifetime corrective lens wearer,  getting Lasik has really simplified my life. No more headaches from wearing uncomfortable contacts or fumbling with my glasses. It's been such a freeing feeling to throw out the leftover contact solution. Thank you Porter team!
Jessica W.
I highly recommend Dr. Porter! Dr. Porter was my first and only consultation for LASIK. I originally went to him when I learned that he’s the only surgeon in NC performing the SMILE procedure, which is what I was hoping to get. After my consultation, Dr. Porter explained that I wasn’t a good fit for SMILE and recommended LASIK. Although disappointed at first, I was so impressed by Dr. Porter and his team that I decided to stop shopping around for surgeons and book my LASIK surgery with Dr. Porter. I had LASIK just 5 days ago and my vision is incredible! Like most considering LASIK, I was concerned with the risks and the possibility of my vision getting worse after LASIK. I felt comfortable knowing that Dr. Porter would not recommend the surgery if he thought my prescription would change noticeably after the surgery. Dr. Porter’s kindness, patience, skill, and track record of highly satisfied patients makes him the ideal eye surgeon! Highly recommended! Thank you Dr. Porter and team for my perfect vision!
Jonathan S.
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