Testimonials 2015

Dr. Porter is the best Ophthalmologist in the world! I don't say that lightly. I had an accident that would normally have meant losing my eye completely. He helped save the eye and even helped restore an amazing amount of vision in that eye. I'd recommend Dr. Porter and his staff to anyone, anywhere, anytime! Keep up the good work Dr. Porter!
Andrew S.
When I made a second opinion appointment with Lowry Porter Ophthalmology, I was greeted by a professional, organized, and friendly staff. I went through the diagnostic procedures in a relaxed, and friendly way. When I met Dr. Porter he confirmed that I had cataracts in both eyes with the left being the worst. From this first meeting I really felt comfortable and trusting of Dr. Porter. After going over the options with Dr. Porter, he had one of his staff come in and help me with the pricing. This was a really refreshing experience. I have since had cataract removal surgery and astigmatism fixed and had multifocal lens put in. I could not be happier!! The procedure went off with out a hitch. Dr. Porters office calls me the day before follow ups. Everything is going very well. I Very highly recommend Dr. Porter and his staff at Lowry Porter Ophthalmology. Great Job.
Charlie M.
Excellent care, excellent staff, excellent Doctor. Got my Lasik a few weeks ago and the experience was again excellent. If you want to get Lasik, I recommend  Dr. Porter.
David C.
Dr. Porter and his staff made the decision to get LASIK very easy.  They explained exactly what would be done and they answered every question I had.  The procedure was very easy and there were no surprises.  I also felt like everyone at Lowry Porter Ophthalmology really cared about how I was doing after the procedure.  They all wanted to make sure my vision was great and that I did not have any issues.  The cost of the procedure was very reasonable and they also had a program that provided financing which I was able to get at 0% interest.

I am very happy I am not wearing contacts or glasses and my vision has been great since I got this done.  I had thought about doing it for several years and I am very thankful to have it done and I wish I had done it sooner.  I highly recommend getting LASIK with Dr. Porter and his staff.
Doug H.
My only complaint is that I did not get my Lasik surgery done sooner. The whole procedure is unbelievable; a 30 minute surgery plus a 3 hour nap erased a 25 year dependence on corrective lenses. It has been less than a week and I could not be more pleased. I have no discomfort and my vision is perfect.  Dr. Porter and his staff were beyond professional and kind. I highly recommend them!
Kim C.

This office is fantastic! Dr. Porter is patient and does a fantastic job with education about eye care and treatments. Anna is warm and welcoming and is clear, helpful with explaining financials for services. All the staff was gentle and eased my nervousness before surgery. I would recommend anyone here. In fact, my husband's turn is next! He was so pleased with the way I was treated and results from LASIK surgery he's excited about going himself! Office location is perfect for all of Raleigh/Durham NC.

Michelle W.