Testimonials 2016

Could not have chosen a better place to have my PRK surgery! The outcome has been great and I cannot thank Dr. Porter enough! Everyone I have interacted with a Porter Ophthalmology is very polite and friendly which always makes the visit great! Highly recommended!!

Edmund M.

I had a cataract removed using the laser unit at Rex Hospital. The surgery was reasonably comfortable considering the laser had to be resting on the eyeball.

Dr. Porter was very careful and fully aware of potential discomfort. That was minimal, however. It made the rest of the procedure easy for me. Overall, it was an easy experience and I can see better out of that eye than I ever have before.

I am excited to have such good eyesight without corrective lenses in that eye which is a new experience for me. Doctor Porter is very friendly, professional and extremely skilled in his work and I have the utmost faith in him. I strongly recommend Dr. Porter to anyone needing an ophthalmologist.

John F.

I had PRK surgery at the beginning of the year from Porter Ophthalmology. 1. Best decision I have ever made. 2. Choosing to have it done here was the 2nd best decision I made.

Dr. Porter and the staff are very friendly and explain everything to you. If you are new the area or in need of new eye care I highly suggest Dr. Porter, you will not be disappointed.

Kenneth B.

6 months ago I had PRK surgery performed by Dr. Porter. I now have excellent vision without lens correction.

It took me a long time to work up the courage to have surgery on my eyes because I was afraid it would be painful and unpleasant. In reality the procedure was both brief and comfortable. Honestly, the surgery was a walk in the park.

Dr. Porter and his staff are thorough, careful, and precise. I can't recommend them enough.

Sean H.