Testimonials 2017

My LASIK experience with Dr. Porter was more than excellent. Not only is Dr. Porter a top notch doctor, but he is very personable. I like the fact that from the very first consultation to the follow up appointments, Dr. Porter was there to talk to me and offer me the best care. I highly recommend!!
Brian H.
It's a MIRACLE!  The morning after my first cataract surgery everything was crisp and bright.  I could see leaves on the trees and birds at the feeder. ( I could also see that my hair color was terrible.  I have since fixed that. :) ) My second surgery went just as well.  Dr. Porter took a lot of time with me and put up with my ever-changing decisions on distance - far, near, monovision.  I was all over the place.Thank you to Dr. Porter and his terrific staff. If there were SIX Stars, Dr. Porter would have earned them all!
Linda W.
Dr. Porter did my LASIK procedure a couple of weeks ago, and it was such an easy experience. The procedure took probably 15 min start to finish, and Dr. Porter walked me through each step to keep me calm. The surgery went perfectly, and I have 20/20 vision now. I would highly recommend going to Porter Ophthalmology if you are considering LASIK.
Katie J.
After many years of considering Lasik surgery to correct my nearsightedness, I finally did it at age 45.  My Optometrist recommended Dr. Isaac Porter to do the LASIK surgery.  Dr. Porter and his staff were professional, friendly and caring throughout the entire process (pre-op, surgery, and post op).  Because of the atmosphere of his office, it was easier to trust my eyes to him.  On the day of my surgery, he and his staff went out of their way to make sure I was comfortable and that I fully understood what to expect during and after surgery.  I was also instructed how to care for my eyes when I got home to get the best results from the surgery. I am now two weeks in and it is amazing the distance I have without the aid of contacts and prescription eyeglasses.  I need reading glasses for up close, but I was using them to read anyway.  I wish I had done this surgery years ago.  For those considering LASIK surgery, I recommend Dr. Isaac Porter for the job; your eyes will be in good hands.

Linda S.