Testimonials 2019

There aren’t enough words to describe how amazing my experience was with Dr. Porter and his WONDERFUL staff! I have had to wear glasses/contacts since elementary school and had to wear toric lenses when I wore contacts. My husband and I made the decision for me to get LASIK after our son was born (Babies and glasses don’t go well together..they ended up on the floor more than they did on my face). I was very nervous about getting LASIK and Dr. Porter explained everything he was doing very thoroughly during the entire procedure and it made me feel very comfortable to know what to expect next. His staff also explained everything in detail. Between what to expect on my pre op appointment, surgery day, and post op. Even the lady who did the majority of my eye testing explained everything she was going to do. My husband and I felt like they truly cared about my well being and didn’t treat us like a number. We felt like we were family! I will be recommending Porter Ophthalmology to everyone I know! I can see better than I ever have & no longer have to worry about glasses or contacts!😊
Christina B.
If you want the best skill and staff, look no further. I was referred to Porter Ophthalmology for LASIK. Dr. Porter and his team immediately put me at ease with probably the best experience that I have ever had at any practice of any kind. You can identify those at the top of their craft by the perfect mix of expertise, ability to explain diagnosis and procedures on anyone's level, caring, and even fun. As for LASIK itself, the procedure could not have been faster or more painless. Dr. Porter masterfully informed me of what was happening during each brief step of the operation. All I had to do was stare at blinking lights. It was barely more difficult (for me) than your run of the mill pressure test. Everyone has said it, but I will say it again: LASIK is the absolute best money that I have ever spent. Go for it as soon as you can - and go to Porter Ophthalmology when you do.
Steve M.
Can’t say enough great things about Dr. Porter, walks you through step by step what’s going to happen and is very easy to talk to. Considered LASIK for a long time and finally decided to pull the trigger and I wish I had done this 10 years ago! Super clear vision, procedure was painless and took less than 20 mins! Great staff, top notch equipment, and friendly to law enforcement! 5 out of 5 all day.
Bryan W.
I was scared of making this decision, but the staff at Porter and Dr. Porter himself were fantastic. They put me at ease and the actual procedure was so easy. I am doing great and feeling great and strongly recommend this practice. They are also to be applauded for being as respectful of patient time as their own. I never had to wait long for any appointment (pre or post op). Well done guys.
Carol D.
Thank you to Dr. Porter and his staff for being kind and courteous during my recent visits. During the evaluation I never felt rushed. They took the time to answer all of my questions and make me feel comfortable with my decision to have the Lasik procedure. The day of the procedure I was a little anxious but Dr. Porter talked me through every aspect of the procedure before, during and after. At my follow up appointment the day after my procedure I was thrilled at how well I could see and Dr. Porter and his staff appeared genuinely excited for me as well. Thank you again to each of you. I strongly recommend getting an evaluation by Dr. Porter if you have ever considered the Lasik procedure.
Beverly B.
So I got LASIK yesterday, and for the first time since I was about 10 or 11 years old, I can see without glasses or contacts! It’s seriously a life-changer for me. I’m so thankful! If you’re considering LASIK, go to Porter Ophthalmology in Raleigh. I was so nervous and shaky, and Dr. Porter made everything so easy despite my nerves and talked me through the whole thing. I can’t believe how clear the world is now without having to stick plastic in my eyes every day. Being able to wake up and see things clearly in the morning with my own eyes is an incredible gift.
Christina D.
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