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If you want the best skill and staff, look no further. I was referred to Porter Ophthalmology for LASIK. Dr. Porter and his team immediately put me at ease with probably the best experience that I have ever had at any practice of any kind. You can identify those at the top of their craft by the perfect mix of expertise, ability to explain diagnosis and procedures on anyone's level, caring, and even fun. As for LASIK itself, the procedure could not have been faster or more painless. Dr. Porter masterfully informed me of what was happening during each brief step of the operation. All I had to do was stare at blinking lights. It was barely more difficult (for me) than your run of the mill pressure test. Everyone has said it, but I will say it again: LASIK is the absolute best money that I have ever spent. Go for it as soon as you can - and go to Porter Ophthalmology when you do.
Steve M.
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